What is a Registered Parliamentarian?

Registered with the National Association of Parliamentarians, John Noonan has advanced knowledge of parliamentary law and procedures according to Robert’s Rules of Order: Newly Revised. This enables him to assist organizations and individuals in the application of parliamentary procedure for the orderly conduct of business, including:

  • As a convention parliamentarian – advising officers, boards, committees and individual members
  • As a professional presiding officer and facilitator – for conventions, controversial meetings and other programs
  • As a consultant – on election process and procedures, bylaws, and other rules of parliamentary procedure.
  • As an instructor – for delegates, individuals, classes, workshops and seminars
  • As an advisor and trainer – on Robert’s Rules of Order
  • As an event speaker – with a customized address to deliver your key messages
  • Programs and Workshops

John Noonan is the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker, and a former President of Toastmasters International. Contact John Noonan to ensure your next meeting or event is a success