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Board, Management and Staff – Roles and Responsibilities

Strong, effective governance requires effort and planning. John Noonan will help you understand your role as a board member, the role of the board itself and the relationship between the board and staff to ensure you achieve desired results working together as a high performance team.

This program includes:

  • Definition and qualities of an effective board
  • Roles of board, management and staff
  • Individual board member responsibilities
  • Evaluating your Board’s effectiveness
  • Legal liabilities, accountability and minimizing the risk
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Governing documents
    • Articles of incorporation
    • Constitution and bylaws
  • Prevention checklist for boards and directors
  • Rules of decision making

Seminars are customized to individual associations and provide hands-on, practical opportunities to reinforce key concepts.

Organizing, Leading and Participating in Board Meetings

This hands-on seminar provides insight and knowledge into meeting procedures and processes required for an effective board of directors. Customized to your organization, this seminar provides practical, hands-on opportunities that reinforce key concepts.

This program covers:

  • The strategy of presiding
  • Basic rules and principles (using Robert’s Rules of Order)
  • Order of business and the agenda
  • Reading and approval of the minutes
  • Processing reports
  • Unfinished business
  • Introduction of new business – handling a motion
  • The main motion and amendments
  • The motion to refer to committee, to postpone, to close debate
  • Rules of debate
  • Nominations, elections and voting
  • Bylaws, rules of order, special rules of order, and standing rules
  • Committees and conduct of business in committees

Committee Meetings – Presiding With Precision and Poise

In this hands-on workshop, John focuses on the four key ingredients essential to organizing, leading, participating and reporting on a successful committee meeting.

This program covers:

  • How to organize your committee meeting
    • Establishing the objective
    • Developing the agenda
    • Background material
    • Understanding and using the rules of decision making
    • Identifying the four types of meetings
  • How to lead your committee meeting
    • Providing and maintaining focus
    • Stimulating discussion
    • Closing discussion with an action plan
    • The six principles for leading a meeting
  • How to be an effective committee participant
    • Identifying the six personality types and bringing out the best in each
    • Making every participant a team member
  • How to bring your committee meeting to a conclusion
    • Ending meetings on a positive note
    • Formally closing a meeting
    • Concluding with decisions, an action plan and commitment to see it through
    • Preparing action minutes

Good meetings bring forth the best in people – the best ideas, the best decisions and the best results.

Conducting Effective Meetings with Robert’s Rules of Order

During this one-day workshop for community/association leaders John Noonan, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, focuses on the responsibilities of association members and the role of the board. This session will provide you with the confidence and skills to effectively lead a meeting and participate fully in your association.

This Program covers:

  • Members and their responsibilities
  • The role of the board of directors
  • The role of individual directors
  • The role of association officers
  • Conducting an effective annual/board/committee meeting
  • A crash course on Robert’s Rules of Order

Presentation Skills – Group Workshop

During this customized group workshop John shares his extensive experience as a Professional Public Speaker and business leader with those looking to sell their ideas and use their presentations to gain a competitive edge. Participants overcome their fears of public speaking and learn to deliver effective presentations that motivate their audiences to take action.

This program develops the skills required for presenting material to small groups, such as client proposals, community groups, board presentations and staff meetings.

This includes:

  • Mastering your fear of public speaking
  • Building an audience-focused presentation
  • Introducing and thanking a speaker
  • Becoming a confident and effective presenter
  • Presenting and receiving awards
  • Delivering material with power, credibility, and style
  • Learning the three critical success factors: words, voice, and body language
  • Capturing audience attention with transitional phrases
  • Using visual aids to achieve your objectives
  • Organizing, leading and participating in panel discussions
  • Effectively handling Q & A sessions
  • Moving from presenter to facilitator

In business, the presentation of ideas can be as important as the idea itself.

Individual Presentation Skills and Coaching

John offers one-on-one coaching for those looking to hone their skills and/or prepare for an important presentation. These customized programs help individuals deliver their material with power and conviction to attain audience support and achieve positive results.

Clients enjoy a flexible time schedule and comfortable learning environment. These sessions can be modified to accommodate small business teams of 2-5 with a desire to work together and use their presentations to deliver their material and achieve results.

John Noonan is the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker, and a former President of Toastmasters International. Contact John Noonan to ensure your next meeting or event is a success.

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John Noonan is the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker, and a former President of Toastmasters International. As a Certified General Accountant, John’s skills and competency were honed over 24 years with Canada’s Business Development Bank. His responsibilities there included National Director, Business Training and Director, Management Services.

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