Delivering More Powerful Presentations

Internationally accredited speaker and former President, Toastmasters International, John Noonan offers customized group workshops or individual coaching sessions to help you:

  • Organize and master presentation material
  • Establish an instant connection with the audience
  • Turn tough questions into valuable opportunities
  • Understand the power of eye contact
  • Use visual aids to advantage
  • Develop voice control for vocal variety and perfect diction
  • Become an effective panel member or leader
  • Enhance and polish professional style and technique

Programs and Workshops:

“In business, communication is everything” – Lee Iaccoca

John Noonan is the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker, and a former President of Toastmasters International. Contact John Noonan to ensure your next meeting or event is a success.