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Turn brief encounters into personal marketing opportunities by honing your networking skills. You’ll learn to establish your individual and professional credibility instantly as John shows you how to:

  • Be an informed networker
  • Become comfortable discussing your self, your business and your product/services with others
  • Prepare and effectively deliver a personalized 30 second marketing message (elevator speech) that emphasizes your personal attributes, your professional skills and highlights your products/services
  • Participate easily in informal group discussions
  • Become a conversation catalyst

Make the most of your next networking opportunity.

John F. Noonan, PRP, CPA, CGA
Telephone: 604-984-6083
Email: johnnoonan@shaw.ca

John F. Noonan | Professional Registered Parliamentarian

John F. Noonan is a Professional

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John Noonan is the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker, and a former President of Toastmasters International. As a Certified General Accountant, John’s skills and competency were honed over 24 years with Canada’s Business Development Bank. His responsibilities there included National Director, Business Training and Director, Management Services.

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