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John F. Noonan | Professional Registered Parliamentarian

John F. Noonan

Professional Registered Parliamentarian

Professional Registered Parliamentarian, John Noonan has been helping individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations work effectively and achieve greater results for more than 10 years. His extensive experience as a professional speaker, trainer and meeting facilitator, combined with 24 years as a Certified General Accountant with Canada’s Business Development Bank is ideally suited for those with an interest in the following:

Conducting better business meetings

Delivering more powerful presentations

Speaking publicly with strength and confidence

Networking Naturally

John Noonan offers a variety of services, programs and workshops to help associations and business leaders make the most of their meetings, events and presentations.

John is currently the Chairman Emeritus of the Parliamentarians Association of British Columbia, an Internationally Accredited Speaker and a former President of Toastmasters International. More about John Noonan.

“The number one skill for advancement and promotion for professionals is their ability to communicate their ideas effectively”

Harvard Business Review
John F. Noonan | Professional Registered Parliamentarian
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